Procedure of the Greencard-Lottery with tries to hold the procedure of the Green Card Lottery for you as easy as possible.

Because of this reason we have designed our application form that clean and compact.

Attached we will show you how you can imagine the application procedure with us.


1. Fill the Registration on

You can apply via the Button “Apply Now” that will forward you to our Application Form. It is really necessary that you fill all Data correctly because related this data we will prepare the compliance and the pre-application intern.

But no panic, should you have a typo somewhere we mostly can correct your informations.

Please keep in mind, that the application photo will only accepted if the met the requirement by the US State Department. Under „Photo Requirements“ (LINK) you can find all informations.

Bonus Information: If you are married you can increase your win chances by apply separate by each Partner! 

2. Check your Application

If you you have applied via we will check all parameters of your application and forward that to the US-State Department. With the application on your work is done.  We will check your informations, your photos and submit your documents relating the actual standards to the official department.

When the lottery starts we will send you the official confirmation of receipt of the US-authority. So you can check the Status of your application by yourself.

3. Forwarding your Documents

If you have won we will inform you directly on May of the lottery-year per telephone, E-Mail or per courier. Also you will receive the official confirmation by the US-State Department per Courier.

You have to send back this documents to the authority or us within few weeks so that you confirm that you are accepting the “win”.


4. Invitation to US-Embassy

After sending back your documents you will receive aprox. in October an invitation to your Interview at your US Embassy.

5. Receive your Green Card

If you have passed the interview successful you have to activate your Green Card within ½ year in the USA. At this moment you have the choice to stay in the USA and start your new life or travel back to your home country.