Why should I apply for the USA Greencard Lottery?

A lot of people wait a long time for a working permit for the USA. The Greencard is the most fastest & uncomplicated solution for you to life in the USA. If you get your Win-Confirmation that means the USA needs you.

What is the Greencard Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery is an initiative of the United States of America to generate a higher population diversity for the USA.

Each year the country give out 50,000 new green cards to people from countries from which not many immigrants come to migrate to the USA . Winning the Green Card means that the entire family of the Green Card winner can life, work and study in USA.

Currently apart from the United Kingdom all European, Russian and most countries on the world can apply for the Green Card Lottery.

How does it work?

The Green Card Lottery is for several years completely electronically. The candidates or we your Agency must submit all data and information electronically to the Authority. The deadline for submitting an application is in October every year.

How high is the chance to win?

Mathematically in the most countries every 25. applicant wins a Greencard. Historical Data show that it is easier to win from Europe, Russia and Turkey then from Asia.

Can my Husband / Wife also apply?

Yes! The application of each marriage partner raises the chance of winning a Greencard for your family!

In general any person can apply if the participation condition is met.

How often can I apply?

You can apply once every year until you have won your Green Card.

Will my country know that I have applied ?

No, your home country can not know that you did apply for the residency.

The only way your home country can know that you applied for the Green Card is when the government monitor your privat internet connection.

Can I bring my Wife & Children with me to the USA if i won the Green Card?

If you won you can bring your wife & your children under 21 with you to the USA. The only requirement for this is to fill the Form I-130 “Family members of foreigners”.

What happens when I apply to late?

This is absolut no problem. Every application after 01. October will be transferred to the application process for the next year.

Procedure of the Greencard-Lottery with Greencard-express.com

Greencard-express.com tries to hold the procedure of the Green Card Lottery for you as easy as possible.

Because of this reason we have designed our application form that clean and compact.

Attached we will show you how you can imagine the application procedure with us.


1. Fill the Registration on Greencard-express.com

You can apply via the Button “Apply Now” that will forward you to our Application Form. It is really necessary that you fill all Data correctly because related this data we will prepare the compliance and the pre-application intern.

But no panic, should you have a typo somewhere we mostly can correct your informations.

Please keep in mind, that the application photo will only accepted if the met the requirement by the US State Department. Under „Photo Requirements“ (LINK) you can find all informations.

Bonus Information: If you are married you can increase your win chances by apply separate by each Partner! 

2. Check your Application

If you you have applied via Greencard-express.com we will check all parameters of your application and forward that to the US-State Department. With the application on Greencard-express.com your work is done.  We will check your informations, your photos and submit your documents relating the actual standards to the official department.

When the lottery starts we will send you the official confirmation of receipt of the US-authority. So you can check the Status of your application by yourself.

3. Forwarding your Documents

If you have won we will inform you directly on May of the lottery-year per telephone, E-Mail or per courier. Also you will receive the official confirmation by the US-State Department per Courier.

You have to send back this documents to the authority or us within few weeks so that you confirm that you are accepting the “win”.


4. Invitation to US-Embassy

After sending back your documents you will receive aprox. in October an invitation to your Interview at your US Embassy.

5. Receive your Green Card

If you have passed the interview successful you have to activate your Green Card within ½ year in the USA. At this moment you have the choice to stay in the USA and start your new life or travel back to your home country.

Often candidates disqualify themselves by attaching no proper passport photos with the application.

But don’t panic! We prepare everything for you what is important to provide the US-State Department correct Greencard application photos. Every application will be checked by one of our experts personally and our specialized software will detect failures before your application will be forwarded to the US State Department.


Technical Requirements

  • Size of the Photo: The maximal file size is 240 Kilobyte (240 KB)
  • Resolution: 600 Pixel high x 600 Pixel wide
  • Colour depth of file: 24 Bit colour depth
  • *When scanned pictures: The scanned picture have to be a at 150 dpi



  • The person being photographed must be looking right at the camera.
  • The head should not be tilted up, down or sideways.
  • The head should be  between at 50 and 69 percent of the image height. The eye level should be measured at a height 56-69 percent of the total image.


  • The person in the photo should be displayed in front of a neutral ,light background.
  • Dark or patterned backgrounds will not be accepted.

Image definition

  • The Photo must be sharp.
  • Photographs where the photographed person wears sunglasses or other distracting accessories will not be accepted.
  • Photos by applicants that wearing a hat will be accepted only if it has religious reasons and even then, may not obscure any portion of the face of the applicant .

Do you have any further questions? Send us an message and we will be happy to answer your questions within 24 hours.


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